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Fairfax County Alternative Accountability Program

Restorative Justice

In a facilitated, safe and respectful process known as restorative justice, individuals or officials address harms that result from:

  • the words or actions of others in the community
  • behavioral offenses in school settings
  • crimes committed by juveniles or adults

Currently, NVMS provides Restorative Justices processes in the Northern Virginia community at large, and upon request by appropriate officials, in the Fairfax County Public Schools, and in the Fairfax County Juvenile and Domestic Relations court.


Webinar Presented in Collaboration with ADR Hub


Why Restorative Justice? 

When harm from offenses or crimes is not fully addressed, those affected often desire more holistic outcomes than what administrative or judicial proceedings typically provide.  Restorative Justice allows all those affected by a harm to engage in a facilitated and safe conversation about who has been harmed, the consequences from it, and how the harm can be repaired, relationships restored, and future harm prevented.


It's Your Process.

The participants are in control in a Restorative Justice process. You work together with a professional facilitator to speak and listen about how you have been affected by an identifiable harm and what will make it right, as much as is feasible.  You decide what is the appropriate resolution. You should be ready to speak the truth as you know it and listen to others’ truth. 

It's Your Choice.

Participation in a Restorative Justice process remains voluntary. You have the option of terminating the session at any time if you don't feel that it is an appropriate venue for you. No terms will be included in a written resolution unless all parties agree to it.

It's Your Life.

Restorative Justice offers a safe and confidential space to address the needs and obligations of all those affected by a harm. No one knows your situation better than you, and nobody else can better speak your truth.

It's Your Time.

NVMS offers flexible hours and will schedule the process during regular business hours as well as in evenings and on weekends. Generally sessions are scheduled within a week of intake. They can take place at NVMS or at local settings such as schools or court facilities.

It's Your Money.

Restorative Justice is affordable. When compared to attorney fees and the cost of litigation, Restorative Justice is often more cost-effective. It is NVMS’s mission to provide accessible services to the community.

It's Your Peace of Mind.

In Restorative Justice, those affected by a harm typically achieve a more satisfying outcome than they would from a outside decision-maker. They have the opportunity to speak their truth about a harm.  They also have an opportunity to receive answers to questions that are as important to them as well as to have a voice in the terms of any agreement the parties craft to repair harm and restore relationships.

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