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Why use NVMS collaborative workplace services?

Your Business

Our staff and consultants will work with you to design a program that fits your organizational needs and culture.

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Clients are invited to provide input and feedback throughout the process of scheduling and delivering dispute resolution services.

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Our consultants and staff keep everything confidential.

Your Staff
Our collaborative approach builds communication skills and the effectiveness of your management and staff to efficiently resolve future disputes.

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We can schedule sessions promptly, according to your needs and availability.  Consultants are available to provide on-site work in addition to services based at our facilities.

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You have the opportunity and potential for growth, learning, team-building and other positive outcomes with our help.

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Workplace and Commercial Dispute Resolution

Who We Are

Since 1990, NVMS has been providing professional and community mediation, training, and consulting services to the Greater Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.

We have a roster over 20 workplace practitioners who have specialized training and extensive experience in mediation, facilitation, group consensus building processes, intervention process design, consultation and program implementation. Bio’s are available at your request. For more information please call our office at 703-865-7272 or fill out this inquiry form.


Our Professionals

Facilitate discussion around organizational action planning, strategic implementation, and process evaluation.

Support individuals and teams through coaching and career development.

Mediate interpersonal and organizational disputes between employees, teams and management and among organizations.

Train in conflict management, prevention, and resolution skills.

Develop capacity and appropriate processes for managing conflict.


Who We Serve

NVMS has mediated over 13,000 cases in a variety of settings and has extensive experience in providing training and dispute resolution services to community and non-profit organizations, law firms, universities, corporations, and federal, state, and local government agencies. Training clients include the Arkansas Administrative Office of the Courts, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Department of Justice, U.S. Department of Treasury, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, National Archives, Defense Information Systems Agency, Internal Revenue Service, District of Columbia Bar, American Psychological Association, Time Life, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Corporation for National Service, Federal Aviation Administration, University of the District of Columbia, Johns Hopkins University, Fairfax Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court, Fairfax Department of Human Services, Reston Homeowners Association, D.C. Public Employee Relations Board, and many others.

We serve clients in the DC Metro Region and offer mediation services at clients’ locations as well as our facilities in Fairfax, Arlington and Manassas.



Workplace mediation is led by highly qualified professionals. Experienced mediators will act as neutral third parties to directly engage the participants in clarifying the issues and creating collaborative solutions to assist in the resolution of disputes within or between organizations.



NVMS provides facilitation services to effectively manage groups in settings that range from small board meetings to conferences with over 1,000 attendees. Facilitators structure communication to increase productivity in meetings while enhancing the exchange of ideas and information for effective problem-solving and decision-making.


NVMS Trainings and On-Site Training

NVMS offers an array of training workshops in mediation, communication, consensus-building, dispute resolution skills, facilitation, and negotiation. In addition to scheduled workshops, NVMS trainings are available on a contract basis to agencies and organization staff. Our staff and trainers customize and design trainings to meet the needs of individuals, teams, departments, agencies, or organizations at the client’s location and in our training facility. Trainers apply recognized adult education techniques—weaving together theory, observation, experiential exercises and practice opportunities—to create a training experience that is meaningful, enduring and maximizes skill transfer. 



Experienced NVMS practitioners provide tailored and personal coaching services for managers, board members and staff to improve communication skills, manage conflicts and increase productivity in the workplace. The practitioners assist clients in identifying goals and implementing strategies to achieve desirable outcomes through effective conflict management techniques


Conflict Assessment

NVMS practitioners are available to analyze and organize information collected through informal interviews conducted via telephone or in person with appropriate staff and management into a detailed report. This report identifies the major sources of conflict and provides recommendations for addressing them.

Examples of Recommendations:

Strategizing and Implementation: A facilitated, group meeting to discuss major themes and strategies resulting from the conflict assessment.

Half Day Retreat: The practitioner will conduct a half-day training focusing on communication and team building skills and administer the SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) or other assessment tool to promote self-reflection and understanding of others in the work environment.


How to Get Started

Our staff tailors services to your business needs and are available to create a proposal detailing recommendations and fees following a brief intake interview. Call our office learn how we can help you and your business or organization.

For information regarding trainings, please call Izabela Solosi at (703) 865-7261.

For information regarding mediation, facilitation, coaching or conflict assessment services please call Izabela Solosi at 703-865-7261.