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Now is the time for us to make them. After reflecting, evaluating and reevaluating the mistakes and mishaps of the past, we make promises to ourselves, to our families, and to our communities to rectify these mistakes and become better versions of ourselves.

As Alternative Dispute Resolution professionals, the term resolutions can take on a different meaning. In the context of ADR, resolutions are more than promises; they are a call to action. Resolutions are made to help people move forward from whatever is keeping them stuck in conflict. You need not look very far to find that our world is ripe with contention; so much so that watching the news has proven to be a stressful exercise.

In a world where winning at all cost is valued over finding workable solutions, we at NVMS resolve to continue to promote the idea of cooperation over antagonism. We resolve to make sure more people in our community have access to our direct ADR services. We resolve to train more and more ADR professionals, so that they may establish ADR practices in their own communities and workplaces. In short, NVMS resolves to help make Northern Virginia, with all its differing cultures, religions, beliefs, political philosophies, and points of view, a better version of itself. 

What say you? What are your New Year’s Resolutions (ADR or otherwise)?

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