Monday Night Forum


Monday Night Forum (MNF) is a monthly in-service training program delivered by mediators for mediators. Advanced practice topics provide learning opportunities and a great place to network with others. Topics include mediation practices, ethics, theory, and collaborative processes. MNFs are held on teh 4th Monday evening of select months. 

Note: Select MNF may be certified for Continuing Mediator Education (CME) credits. 

Time: 7-9pm (7-7:30 networking; 7:30-9 presentation)

Cost: $25 NVMS Members/ $35 General Public


April 28: Co-Mediating Effectively: Going Beyond the Process

Speakers: Julia Morelli and Jim Meditz

Time: 7:30pm-9pm

CME: 1.5 General and Family 

Cost: $25 NVMS members/$35 General Public

Co-mediation poses particular challenges for mediators.  How can we work more effectively and seamlessly with each other and the parties?   Nuances can be significant, and to what extent might it be appropriate for co-mediators, whether highly experienced or not, to be expansive in pre-mediation preparations?  This interactive program is intended to benefit all mediators.  To develop self-awareness, discussions will go beyond process and explore the deeper subjective aspects of mediator-preferred practices, and in-the moment reactions. 


About the Speakers:

Julia Morelli has over fifteen years of experience as a mediator, facilitator, manager and consultant. She is the Director of Operations for the George Mason University (GMU) Instructional Foundation and President of Holistic Solutions, Inc. Her practice includes mediation and facilitation, organizational assessment and development, strategic planning; and training related to conflict management, the use of technology in dispute resolution, diversity and cultural issues, and communication. 

 Jim Meditz is a Supreme Court of Virginia certified mentor mediator.  He also provides services as a facilitator, instructor/trainer, consultant, and conflict management coach for diverse clients, including cases before Virginia courts; parties in employment and EEO disputes; and commercial and community entities.  


(FREE) March 24: Peacemaking in Mediation - From a Christian Conciliator's Perspective

Speaker: Ronald C. Zabel, Director of the Conflict Resolution and Conciliation Center, Inc.

Time: 7:30pm-9pm

CME: 1.5 General

Cost: FREE

Peacemaking seeks to help parties identify and deal with root causes of conflict as an essential element in reaching a lasting resolution of the current conflict as well as reducing the potential for future conflict. The vast majority of conflicts involve an underlying relationship component in addition to the apparent substantive issues. This program covers how Christian Conciliation address both relationship reconciliation and substantive dispute resolution in the mediation process in helping parties achieve a lasting peace with each other and the outcome.  The program will also explore opportunities for churches to have a role in fostering peacemaking vs litigiousness.


Learning Objectives: 

(1)  Understand development of Christian Conciliation and difference from other styles of mediation.

(2)  Understand role of and process of incorporating faith based values in the Christian conciliation process (theory and interactive discussion of case examples).

(3)  Increase mediator awareness of how biblical dispute resolution principles can break impasse, particularly where strong relationship related issues from a family, business, or workplace relationship have a role in the impasse.

(4)  Explore the opportunities churches have to foster peacemaking vs litigiousness by being a venue for mediation and conciliation.



February 24: Making the Decision and Breaking the News When is mediation no longer appropriate? How do you tell the parties?

Facilitators: Jim Meditz and Perrin Scanlon

Time: 7:30-9pm

CME: 1.5 General or Family

Cost: $25 NVMS members/ $35 General Public

This program is intended to be a facilitated group discussion to provide a space for reflective peer discussion within and around small groups.

Beginning with intake and continuing throughout a mediation, mediators may encounter circumstances in which starting a mediation or continuing one is not appropriate.  As mediators, we typically spend the most time considering the criteria for that decision.  This program is intended to focus primarily on taking the process further into the specifics of what actions the mediator takes leading to terminating or ending the process and then how the message is delivered, after it appears a decision need to be made. What actions might the mediator take? What challenges arise, e.g., for maintaining confidentiality, respecting the voluntary nature of mediation, and self-determination?

Participants will be divided into small groups and be given scenarios and discussion points.



October 28: Giving Advice VS. Giving Information

Trainer: Mandy Sarkissian, DRS

Time: 7-9pm

CME: 1.5 General or Family

Cost: $10 (Space is limited to 30, please register early)

The line between giving legal advice versus legal information is sometimes gray.  This training considers the difference between the two using the Guidelines on the Unauthorized Practice of Law and Mediation and the Standards of Ethics and Professional Responsibility for Mediators as a guide.  This class will involve discussion so come prepared! 




September 23: Professional Development Groups 7-9 pm (2 full hours)

Trainers: Jeannette Twomey and/or Jim Meditz

Time: 7pm - 9pm 

CME: 2 hours general or family

 Professional Development Groups present an opportunity for small groups of mediators to gather in a private, supportive setting to explore and discuss pivotal moments in their cases and reflect on the reasons behind the choice of a particular intervention. These highly interactive, facilitated discussions help mediators expand their knowledge of mediator techniques and theory and enhance reflective practice.

Cost: $25 for NVMS members/$35 for non-members