Is a process in which a neutral third party facilitates dialogue and decision-making in a safe and cooperative setting. NVMS offers mediation in areas including: Community, Workplace and Commercial, Intra-Family, Elder Mediation and Divorce, Separation and Co-Parenting. 

Sessions can be held in Fairfax, Arlington or Prince William. To accomodate those out of the state or country, we can conduct sessions via Skype or phone. We are also availabe to come to your office for workplace related cases.

Benefits of Mediation

It's Your Process.

In mediation the participants are in control. You work together to make the decision about what is best. You should be ready to discuss the interests, needs, values and goals that are motivating you to pursue the matter that you have brought to mediation.

It's Your Choice.

Mediation is voluntary and all particpants enter on thier own accord. You have the option of terminating the session at any time if you don't feel that it is an appropriate venue for you. No item will be included in a final document draft unless all parties have agreed to it.

It's Your Life.

Mediation offers a safe and confidential space to address the values, goals and interests that are important to you. No one knows your situation better than you, and nobody else can better advocate your needs.

It's Your Time.

NVMS offers flexible hours and will schedule during regular business hours as well as evenings and weekends. Generally sessions are scheduled within a week of intake. From start to finish, the entire mediation process is more time efficient when compared to court and litigation.

It's Your Money.

Mediation is affordable. When compared to attorney fees and the cost of litigation, mediation is often more cost effective. It is our mission to provide accessible services to the community.

It's Your Peace of Mind.

In mediation, participants work together toward a solution that everyone can accept. While each person involved may have overlapping or conflicting interests, you will find that there may be ways for everyone to have their individual interest, needs, values and goals met. This is sometimes reffed to as the "win-win" solution.


For more information please call 703-865-7263 or see our mediation FAQs page