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NVMS has one of the most diverse, experienced and well recognized roster of professional mediators in the country.  Our mediators are certified as Mentor Mediators, compared with many private practitioners who have met only the basic training and certification requirements in the State of Virginia.

Our mediators not only help people discover mutually agreeable solutions to the problems facing them, but go around the state, country, and in some case, the globe training attorneys, judges, psychologists, students, and many other professionals in basic and advances processes.  We also benefit from our relationship with George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution providing us with access to some of the most respected scholars and researchers on human conflict in the world.  Even our roster of family mediators are well respected professors in their own right, teaching mediation and other ADR processes at universities and law schools in the area including George Mason University, Catholic University, George Washington University, and many others.

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