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Facilitation, Coaching and Conflict Assessments

NVMS provides facilitation services in settings that range from small board meetings to conferences with over 1,000 attendees. NVMS facilitators maximize efficiency and productivity of the group and increase the benefits of the individual participant. NVMS also provides tailored and personal coaching services for individuals, managers, board members and staff to improve communication in workplaces, communities and families.


Facilitators structure communication to increase productivity while enhancing the exchange of ideas and information. Our facilitators are experts in engaging participants in problem-solving and decision-making.

Facilitation is Commonly Used For

HOA Board Meetings


Public Forums


Community Dialogues



Experienced coaches assist individuals in identifying goals and implementing strategies to achieve desirable outcomes through effective conflict management techniques.

What Does a Conflict Coach Do?

Prepare managers to implement projects, run meetings

Strategize effective conflict interventions techniques

Create systems that increase workplace productivity

Demonstrate communication methods to resolve conflict and promote functional relationships

Conflict Assessments

Conflict assessments are often the first phase in an effective conflict management and resolution process. An NVMS practitioner will collect information from appropriate parties about the history and context of the conflict while also identifying the values, interests and needs of each individaul. This information will be organized into an assessment that isolates the major sources of conflict. The assessment will also provide recommendations for Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes to manage and resolve the conflict.