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Community Dispute Resolution Services

NVMS offers mediation and facilitation services to assist the community in resolving issues on many levels. From meeting facilitation to landlord/tenant mediation, our highly trained practitioners act as neutral, third parties helping clients make decisions and resolve conflicts


         What Do Our Community Practitioners Do?

Facilitate Board meetings

Run Productive Public meetings

Resolve Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Settle Consumer/Merchant and Contractor/Homeowner issues

Mediate among neighbors, family, or roommates



Community Mediation

Many people who are in a dispute or disagreement are not sure whether they can come
to mediation to find resolution. However, the short answer is that almost any
issue can be raised and addressed through mediation. These are just some of
the issues we commonly see in a community setting and can be resolved without relying
on a judge in court. Please click here for more information about community mediation.

Community Facilitation

Homeowners associations and community service groups can benefit from appointing a neutral third party to facilitate meetings, forums, conferences and work groups to ensure productivity and to be seen as fair and effective by all participants. Click here for more information about facilitation.



Benefits of using NVMS to resolve your community dispute

You Are In Control

Resolve your dispute outside of the courtroom and remain in control of the outcome.

Your Money

We offer low-cost services on an adjustable sliding scale to ensure that they are accessible to you

Your Time

We work with you to provide flexible hours that can fit around your schedule. Weekend and evening sessions are available.

Your Solution

You create agreements to fit your needs and reach resolutions that are personally satisfactory.


Next Steps

Our staff will work with you to explain our services in more detail, recommend an approach, and complete intake questions. You can submit a “Community Mediation Inquiry” form on our website or call our office at 703 865 7263