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Why use NVMS collaborative workplace services?

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Our staff and consultants will work with you to design a program that fits your organizational needs and culture.

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Clients are invited to provide input and feedback throughout the process of scheduling and delivering dispute resolution services.

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Our consultants and staff keep everything confidential.

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Our collaborative approach builds communication skills and the effectiveness of your management and staff to efficiently resolve future disputes.

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We can schedule sessions promptly, according to your needs and availability.  Consultants are available to provide on-site work in addition to services based at our facilities.

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You have the opportunity and potential for growth, learning, team-building and other positive outcomes with our help.

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Workplace and Commercial Mediation

Workplace Mediation is a confidential and flexible process led by a highly qualified professional, who is a neutral individual that directly engages each party in the creation of collaborative solutions. Please call 703-865-7263 for more information and to receive a proposal of service and estimate of cost.

Commonly Mediated Workplace Issues:

Employment and Workplace Disputes, including those related to Disability and Equal Opportunity Employment (EEO)

All organizations face difficult moments. Office trouble is fueled by poor communication, staff disputes and a lack of teamwork. We can help you build a more productive and harmonious workplace by addressing the underlying issues in order to resolve disputes and improve collaboration among staff and teams.

Some common workplace issues:

  •  Ineffective work groups
  •  Unproductive meetings
  •  Conflicts between supervisors and employees 
  •  Disagreements between co-workers

Several advantages of successful, collaborative workplace include smooth administrative functions, effective communication, excellent client service and the constructive resolution of future conflicts. An enjoyable and productive work environment is a reality that we can assist you with attaining.

Complex and Multiparty Mediation is beneficial when multiple parties are invested in the resolution of a complex dispute or set of issues. NVMS can provide mediation services to facilitate the participation of multiple actors in the negotiation process towards a definitive outcome. Parties may include different interests within the same company, representatives of multiple entities, attorneys or decision-makers facing complex challenges.

Commercial Mediation will help you resolve related disputes through low-cost and effective mediation. Case types that may benefit from mediation include construction, contracts and other business-related disputes.  Agreements created through mediation may include payment, exchange of goods or services, schedules for payment or completion of work, and plans for future transactions.

Circuit Court Civil Mediation gives you the opportunity to resolve your dispute outside of the courtroom with the help of a Virginia state certified, neutral mediator. You may settle a broad array of issues within a mediation session, create a comprehensive settlement arrangement or handle discrete issues within your case, such as discovery disputes. Mediation empowers the parties and, if applicable, their attorneys, to reach a mutually acceptable solution with the help of a professional neutral 3rd party.