Basic Mediation, Facilitation,

Negotiation and Coaching Skills


Our core mediation skills trainings are the first step for those looking to become state certified mediators, pursue a NVMS professional certificate, or enhance their conflict resolution skills. The workshops are delivered by leading mediators and trainers who weave their expertise and experiences in the course content. 

Note: Select workshops are accredited for continuing mediator education (CME), mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE), continuing education for human resource professionals (HRCI/SHRM) credits. Prerequisites may apply.


Mediation Skills and Process

This interactive 3 day course teaches practical and effective mediation skills applicable in many areas. Participants will learn and practice key skills in conflict resolution, interest-based negotiations, reflective listening, facilitation, and structured problem-solving. This is the same successful workshop we have offered since 1992, taken by thousands of lawyers, therapists, federal, state and local government employees, judges, human resource professionals, teachers, ombudsman, and many others. 

Notes: Fulfills the 20 hour basic mediation skills requirement for Virginia State Mediator Certifications;

Fulfills NVMS Certificate requirements for: Federal Workplace Mediation, Organizational Development and Conflict Resolution, and Family Mediation.

Trainers: Tracey Pilkerton Cairnie, MS, MCC and Jim Pope, JD

Course Fee: $745 early bird (30 day early registration & payment) / $795 late registration

2015: June 5-7/ July 13-15/ September 1-3/ October 16-18/ December 2-4 

Time: 8:30am - 5:30pm each day

CME: 20 hours general

MCLE: 19.5(0.5)


Mediation Practicum: Federal and Commercial Role-Play

This workshop provides workplace and commercial mediators the opportunity to observe and debrief simulated mediations. Participants will also reinforce their mediation skills by practicing within a variety of scenarios. The emphasis of these role-plays is on typical federal workplace and commercial/ civil litigation cases. The instructor is a Virginia Certified Mentor Mediator with extensive experience in instructing up-coming mediators.

Notes: Fulfills the 2 observations requirement of the Virginia State General District Court Mediator Certification;

Fulfills NVMS Certificate requirements for: Federal Workplace Mediation and Organizational Development and Conflict Resolution.

Pre-requisites: Mediation Skills and Process or minimum 20 hours basic mediation skills training

Trainer: Jim Meditz, MA

Course Fee: $545 early bird (30 day early registration & payment)/ $595 late registration

2015: May 5-6/ October 21-22

Time: 8:30am - 5:30pm both days

CME: 16 hours general


Facilitation and Group Consensus Building

In this core facilitation skills workshop, participants master the techniques and skills necessary to professionally structure, facilitate and build consensus within meetings, conferences and multiparty decision-making groups. Effective group collaboration is a key 21st-century skill set. Learn and practice these skills from a well-known and highly effective instructor!

Note: Fulfills 8 of the 20 hours of advanced mediation skills training required for the Circuit Court Civil Certification;

Fulfills NVMS certificate requirements for: Federal Workplace Mediation and Organizational Development and Conflict Resolution

Trainer: Tracey Pilkerton-Cairnie, MS, MCC

Course fee: $545 early bird (30 day early registartion & payment) / $595 late registration

2015: March 31- April 1/ October 1-2

Time: 8:30am - 5:30pm both days

CME: 8 hours general


Negotiation Skills 

Understanding the basics of negotiation is fundamental to the mediator's art, the leader's success, and the attorney's professional repertoire.  In fact, an ability to negotiate well is a basic life skill for everyone -- yet many people, particularly those involved in conflict, do it poorly.  Starting from a footing in theory and research, this course mainly provides attendees with skills and techniques for practicing the art and science of persuasion and negotiation.  While focusing on the "interest-based" approach, this course also provides an understanding of how to meet the "hard-bargainer" and the difficult people and challenging situations you face in your work and your life.

Fulfills NVMS certificate requirements for: Federal Workplace Mediation and Organizational Development and Conflict Resolution

Trainer: John Settle, MPA, JD

Course fee: $295 early bird (30 day early registration & payment) / $345 late registration

2015: June 23/ September 9

Time: 8:30am - 5:30pm

CME: 8 General

CLE: pending


Powerful Coaching

Powerful Coaching is about conversation at its best. This five step paradigm can transform lives. Powerful Coaching is designed to create velocity and results. It is applicable to self, one-on-one work, two parties, and small groups. This course will teach participants profound coaching tools, provide solid practice opportunities, and offer a safe place to explore and experience the powerful impact of giving and receiving coaching.

Trainer: Cynthia Mazur, M Div., JD, LLM, PhD

2015: April 7/ September 24 

Time: 8:30am-12:45pm

Cost: $215 early registration (30 days early registration & payment)/ $265 regular registration

CME: 4 hours General


Orientation to the Virginia Judicial System

This course is essential for mediators who practice in Virginia, as it gives an overview of the Virginia judicial system and court-referred mediation programs. Topics include the structure of civil and criminal court systems, the nature of due process, the role of court personnel, and consideration of mediation as an appropriate ADR process. Interactive exercises engage participants and reinforce the material.

Note: Fulfills the 4 hour introduction to the Virginia Judicial System requirement for all levels of the Virginia State Mediator Certification. The course is waived for members of the Virginia Bar Association.

Trainer: Jim Pope, MSW, JD

Course Fee: $215 early bird (30 day early registration & payment)/ $265  late registration

2015: June 26/ December 11

Time: 8:30am - 12:45pm

CME: 4 hours general

MCLE: 3.5 


Preparing Memoranda and Agreements

One of the last acts in a successful mediation is the drafting of an agreement or memorandum of understanding. No matter how informal the mediation, a written document helps parties develop shared meaning and reality-test the terms of their agreement. This workshop will develop participants' skills in preparing documents for parties, counsel, and court. It includes practical tips, hands-on practice, and a discussion of ethical and unauthorized practice of law issues. 

Notes: Fulfills 4 hours of advanced mediation skills training required for Circuit Court Civil Virginia state mediator certification; 

Fulfills NVMS certificate requirements for: Federal Workplace Mediation and Family Mediation.

Prerequisite: Mediation Skills and Process

Trainer: Kathey Foskett, MS

Course Fee: $215 early bird (30 day early registration & payment)/ $265 late registration

2015: November 9

Time: 8:30am - 12:45pm

CME: 4 hours general

MCLE: 3(1)


Mentee Orientation

The orientation will offer a detailed explanation of the court observation/co-mediation process and outline the responsibilities of participants in their role as mentees. Participants will receive a mentee packet that contains all the required forms to complete your apprenticeship.

Note: This an NVMS requirement only. 

Course Fee: $15 materials fee (payments are accepted via cash or check only)

2015: Scheduled as needed. Please call the office for more information.

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Registration: Open as space is available


General District Court Apprenticeship Program

Apprentice mediators have the opportunity to work with experienced, Virginia certified NVMS mentor mediators on 3 or more cases to gain professional experience. Mentor mediators provide guidance, oral feedback, and a written evaluation for each case. 

Note: Required for the Virginia General District Court State Mediator Certification: 2 observations (or completion of Mediation Practicum: Federal and Commercial Role-Play) and at least 3 co-mediations totalling at least 5 hours, and scrivener for at least one mediated agreement.

Pre-requisite: Mentee Orientation (call 703.865.7261 for dates).

General District Court Apprenticeship Application - return completed to program coordinator. 

Trainers: Each participant will work with at least two different mentor mediators

Program Coordinator: Sherri Smith (Court Mediation Manager) - 703.865.7262 or

Fee: $100/observation & $150/co-mediation

Registration: Open as space is available

On-going: generally on Friday morning when Small Claims court is in session (Fairfax and Arlington) or Tuesdays (Loudoun)

Time: 8:30am - 1pm 

Location: Courthouse in Fairfax, Arlington, or Loudoun Counties


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