Northern Virginia Mediation Service...

... (NVMS) is non-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides the entire community with accessible, affordable, and appropriate conflict resolution and education services. We help people find collaborative approaches to achieve acceptable and enduring outcomes.

Our Programs



Regional Mediator Certifications and Professional Certificate Programs

NVMS offers a variety of quality, intensive practice-based workshops focused on how to improve communication, relationships, collaboration, leadership, and workplace performance with colleagues and clients.



Divorce, Intra Family Issues, Elder Care Decision-Making, Workplace Issues, Community Issues

A confidential process in which an impartial third party (mediator) facilitates dialogue and decision-making in a safe and cooperative setting.



Meetings, dialogues, community forums, focus groups

A facilitator provides guidance for a productive meeting, allowing the group to exchange ideas and information, and constructively engage in problem-solving and decision-making. 


Restorative Justice

In schools, courts, communities and the workplace

A professional facilitator assists all those affected by a harm to identify what happened, acknowledge its effects, take appropriate responsibility, and seek to make it right, as much as is possible.


Conflict Coaching

For individuals, managers, professionals

Experienced coaches assist clients in identifying goals and implementing strategies to achieve desirable outcomes through conflict management techniques.